Editorial Board

In keeping with the Society's mission to develop members’ networks and our desire to offer professional development opportunities, we’re creating a new type of Editorial Board for Access Microbiology, pairing up experienced Editor Mentors with Editor Mentees. If you are interested in joining the Editorial Board, please get in touch with our Publisher, Nicola Davies, at [email protected].

Editor Mentors

Peter Borriello
Veterinary Medicines Directorate, UK
Research interests: Clostridium difficile, gastrointestinal infection, gut microbiology, anaerobes
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Marguerite Clyne
University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Research interests: Helicobacter, Campylobacter, host–pathogen interaction, enteric infection
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Jeff Cole
University of Birmingham, UK
Research interests: microbial physiology, nitrate reduction, nitrosative stress, anaerobic metabolism
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Michelle A. Ozbun
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA
Research interests: human papillomaviruses, small DNA viruses – life cycle, replication, human tumour viruses – related to tumorigenesis, early infection events; cell biology of virus entry, cell signaling during early infection
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Nihal Bandara
University of Bristol, UK
Research interests: polymicrobial biofilms, microbial interactions, quorum sensing, antimicrobial resistance, drug delivery, Candida albicans, bacteria
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Paul Dean
Teeside University, UK
Research interests: microbial pathogenesis and infectious disease
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Tung Phan
Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA
Research interests: infectious diseases, viral evolution, virology, novel virus discovery, metagenomics

Nigel Temperton
Medway School of Pharmacy, Chatham, UK
Research interests: emerging virus vaccines and serology, lentiviral vector applications
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Editor Mentees

Helen Brown
University of Surrey, UK
Research interests: biofilms, food pathogens, infection, anaerobes, microaerobes
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Nicola Crewe
University of Lincoln, UK
Research interests: education, food microbiology, water microbiology
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Helina Marshall
Queen's University Belfast, UK
Research interests: host–pathogen interactions
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Ajay K. Monnappa
Biomedical Research Foundation Hospital 12 de Octubre, Spain
Research interests: invasive pathogens, predatory bacteria, endosymbiosis, bacterial proteomics, synthetic biology, DNA and CRISPR/Cas9 delivery
Alex Woodacre
University of Northampton, UK
Research interests: bacterial genetic variation, commensal/pathogen switching, metal regulation
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